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Audi R8 Spyder at Naza Motor Trading

20th September 2012

With great power comes great responsibility.

Following the original 4.2-litre and the later 5.2-litre versions comes the Spyder convertible version of the Audi R8 super car. Designed to fuse the road going prowess of the coupe models with the style and open air driving experience of a soft-top, the R8 Spyder builds on the impressive reputation of the coupe models.

The third model in the Audi R8 range is the first to feature a folding roof, allowing occupants to enjoy the open air experience alongside the power and poise that the R8 has become noted for. Audi has opted for a canvas roof in order to save weight and to give the model a more timeless look; however the cutting edge styling gives the model a concept car appeal.

Audi uses the same aluminium space frame construction process as with the Coupes but compliments it with additional carbon fibre panels at the rear, meaning the Spyder weighs a mere 100kg more than the V10 Coupe despite the additional weight of the roof motors and chassis strengthening. The roof itself opens and closes in 19 seconds and at up to speed of 50km/h.

The Spyder is equipped with the 5.2-litre V10 engine rather than the 4.2-litre V8 unit of the original model, giving it additional power and performance. The Quattro four-wheel drive system with a rear wheel bias is present and a choice of two transmissions, this unit comes with the six-speed automated manual R-tronic.

Supportive seats, a comfortable and adjustable driving position and a surprisingly spacious cabin all contribute to a pleasant driving experience. When you're not pushing the car hard, wind, road and engine noise is pleasingly minimal, and the optional Sports suspension does an excellent job of soaking up road imperfections, although the adaptable Magnetic Ride system is standard fit. There's a little more road noise in the cabin thanks to the canvas roof, but the ability to drop the rear window independently means that can be drowned out with the sumptuous engine note.

The Quattro four-wheel drive system is a real benefit in terms of traction, but to be on the safe side ESP with traction control, anti-slip regulator and a full complement of braking aids are standard. Tyre pressure monitoring is also present as are driver and passenger front and side airbags.

This 2010 unit is available at Naza Motor Trading located at Naza Auto Mall, Lot 1, Jalan 51A/221, 46100, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. For more information kindly contact Mr Ramesh at 0123328148.


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Make: Audi

Model: R8 Spyder Quattro V10

Year: 2010

Max Horsepower: 525 hp

Max Torque: 530 Nm

Sold at: Naza Motor Trading Sdn Bhd

Contact: Mr Ramesh 012 332 8148