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Teo is living a dream

20th September 2012

“Ducati” is a name synonymous with prestige, performance and Italian flair for design and innovation.

Started by the Ducati family in 1926, the brand has since produced  the most celebrated and best looking motorcycles in the world.

Enter Eugene Teo whose passion for motorcycles started when he was a young student in Singapore. Being a passionate biker, motorcycles were his first love and they still are. Little did he know then that his passion would turn out to be his career.

He is now the Regional Technical Advisor acting for Ducati Asia Pacific. His primary role is to facilitate, train and improve after sales service for dealers and franchise holders of the Ducati brand in Asia.  Teo says Ducati places great importance in the area of after sales service which is often neglected. Ducati believes that in order for the brand to survive through test of time and to grow, after sales service is the key focus of the business. Championing that call, Teo is currently drafted to Ducati Malaysia, managed by Naza to further improve the after sales service department.

Teo’s  entry into the motorcycle industry was by accident. Often being frustrated with the lack of quality work by mechanics servicing his bikes, he began to experiment and was doing most of the repairs himself. This self taught skills landed him a position in 1994 as a mechanic with Ducati Singapore. Owing to his good communication skills and understanding on customer needs, he soon began to rise through the ranks to become service advisor, supervisor and as a manager before taking on his present position.

“The most challenging times are when the dealers or the franchise holders are not bikers themselves,” he said. “It’s difficult to explain the biking passion or culture, but we are lucky to have Naza as they understand a bikers’ need and passion.” Being the largest Ducati facility in Asia Pacific, Naza has successfully brought its motorcycles into the mainstream.  To cope with rising sales, Eugene’s main focus is  to  establish a well handled after sales service department which can further reduce the turnaround time for  repairs. Customers on the other hand will be satisfied and comfortable with the level of service quality which would ultimately produce a long term loyalty to the brand. This Ducati culture is what Teo wants to introduce to all franchise holders and dealers in Asia.

As a passionate biker, working with one of the world’s greatest motorcycle brand, Teo is clearly living his dream.