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New Audi A3 Sportback to debut in Paris

20th September 2012

The latest Audi A3 appears in a new capacity at next week’s Paris Motor Show the third generation five-door Sportback version makes its world public debut.

By combining its sleek new look with a longer wheelbase than both its predecessor and its all-new three-door counterpart, the eminently practical compact is able to offer even more space for families and their luggage, with barely any increase in exterior ‘footprint’.

The new Audi A3 Sportback is long and lean. While the length, width and height are only slightly greater than for the previous model, the wheelbase now measures 2,636 millimetres, an increase of 58 millimetres. This makes the five-door model 35 millimetres longer between the axles than the three-door version.

The Audi ultra lightweight design principle has long been a cornerstone for the brand. It reduces the weight of the new A3 Sportback by as much as 90 kilograms compared with the previous version.

The interior of the new A3 Sportback is marked by an elegant, clean and light design. The intuitively clean ergonomics are a classic Audi strength, and are characterised by the MMI operating system with its power-retractable monitor.

Audi will initially offer the new A3 Sportback with a choice of one TDI and two TFSI engines. Two diesel engines and one petrol unit will follow later. They combine multiple efficiency technologies – direct injection, turbocharging, innovative thermal management and the start-stop system. Fuel consumption has been reduced on average by around 10 per cent compared with the previous model.